The SLAB is the horizontal concrete flooring for the basement, garage, or main floor on most homes.
Whichever route you choose, you can feel sure that the knowledge and experience of the concrete product will be used to ensure a higher quality slab for your needs. The experience in the use of fiber, wire-mesh, super-"p", retarders, accelerators, and other additives are extremely important for the performance of the slabs. When to cut and where to cut expansion joints is another reason why experience is the reason to us American Concrete Foundations and Walls, LLC.

Photo 1: Prepping the slab by placing gravel
Photo 2: Another view of the same procedure
Photo 3: After the prepping, the plumber places the pipes as shown
Photo 4: Over-view of the wire-mesh and concrete being placed
Photo 5: View of a completed slab
Photo 6: View of a slab immediately after competing the pour and while
the concrete was still curing