The characteristics of DECORATIVE CONCRETE can take on a different look if some steps are added to the process. Items such as color hardeners, color release, stamps, sealers, and special tools can be used to change a dull look of plain concrete into a very pleasing concrete surface.

Stamping on newly poured concrete, staining existing concrete, or even coating an existing concrete surface are all available. The final product will exceed expectations.

Photo 1: Close-up view of an acid stained floor
Photo 2: Acid stained floor with varied scoring of the concrete
Photo 3: Another view of the same floor
Photo 4: Acid stained floor
Photo 5: Integral color and acid stain were both added to the floor for a
unique blend

Photo 6: Same floor with varied scoring patterns
Photo 7: Stamped concrete with selected acid stained stones using a
flagstone pattern

Photo 8: Different view of the patio and the flagstone pattern
Photo 9: Different view of the patio and the flagstone pattern
Photo 10: Another view of the same
Photo 11: Close up view of a stamp referred to as either "shattered earth"
or "skin pattern"

Photo 12: Stamped skin pattern over products called "color hardener" and "release"
Photo 13: Completed project of the pool deck with a skin pattern
Photo 14: Close up of a cut control joint in stamped concrete
Photo 15: Close up view of the very popular "skin text"