Everyone seems to have a special project that seems to be a little different from the norm. Subsequently, some projects are unique to the concrete industry and many companies stray from the difficult projects. The Durham family has prided itself in the art of concrete. American Concrete Foundations and Walls, LLC will perform and complete any concrete project you may have. With the quality of our workmanship, "if you can dream it, we can do it".

Photo 1: Walls and sea walls for a lake project
Photo 2: Concrete culvert walls for the City of Homewood
Photo 3: View of the removal of the wood forms for a culvert
Photo 4: The continued removal of the forms
Photo 5: Forming the top of the culvert
Photo 6: View of the culvert top
Photo 7: View of the final completion of the culvert top
Photo 8: Backfilling the culvert
Photo 9: View of a completed bridge that was formed in place and poured
Photo 10: Top view of the structural concrete bridge
Photo 11: Canal wall for the protection of the property and the environment
Photo 12: Architectural poured wall per the owners design and instructions (old world)
Photo 13: Award recognized concrete cantilevered steps
Photo 14: Front view of the steps
Photo 15: Close up view of the steps
Photo 16: Unique sloped walls per the ìdesignersî specification
Photo 17: Side view of the sloped walls with a water-table