The POURED CONCRETE WALL is the next phase of true dry basement and a structurally sound foundation. This vertical solid foundation has its own unique distinctions which sets it apart from any other form of walls. The solid concrete wall is laced with mats of rebar both vertical and horizontal for structural integrity.

With vast experience and knowledge in the concrete business, as well as one of the pioneers in the poured concrete wall industry in Alabama, Bobby Durham has taken Foundations and Poured Walls to a new level of excellence. Under his direction, American Concrete Foundations and Walls, LLC (ACFW) will surpass your expectations of quality and excellence in "poured in place foundations".

Photo 1: View of a Large Retainer Wall
Photo 2: Basement concrete wall
Photo 3: Wall is poured, cured, and the panels are being removed
Photo 4: Up close view of a "poured in place" concrete wall
Photo 5: View of a poured concrete wall at a "bay window"
Photo 6: Overview of a house wall and the retainer wall at the waters edge
Photo 7: View of a completed poured retainer wall
Photo 8: Commercial wall to support a slab
(used wood forms for aesthetics purposes)

Photo 9: Concrete Piers for a commercial slab
Photo 10: Poured concrete crawl space
Photo 11: Sona tubes are used for the columns underneath the crawl space (instead of block or metal post)